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Create a Professional Ecommerce Website Using Magento


✓ Unlimited products, categories and stores
✓ Feature-rich, tailor-made and highly flexible Catalog Layered Navigation to optimize customer experience and boost SEO ranking
✓ Display multiple filters and handy widgets, display recent and popular searches to help your customers instantly find the products they need
✓ Speed up with AJAX and generate SEO-friendly URLs
✓ Allows product-types creation and configuration: Simple, Configurable, Bundle, Grouped, Virtual and Downloadable products
✓ Allows pricing configuration: Group Price, Special Price, Tier Price, Minimum
✓ Advertised Price (MAP), Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP)

✓ Build up content-rich elements of any CMS page: text, image, page-hierarchy, blocks, banners, widgets, templates, brands, blogs, store location management, etc
✓ Manipulate admin panel throughout visual page-builder tools
✓ Drive over SEO-related features to stand out in search result
✓ Master site-navigation (menu-layout, CMS blocks, images, products, brands, links, etc.) to optimize customer experience

✓ Allow managing all order statuses, fulfilment processes and diversifying customer information for better customer knowledge, especially customer journeys and purchasing behavior
✓ Payments and shipments are always under control
✓ Support refund and return management for extremely flexible customer service
✓ Integrate email templates with advanced customization and well-designed layouts for order confirmation, invoice, shipment, credit memo

✓ Conduct high-scalable promotion campaigns by using cart price rules and catalog price rules
✓ Create powerful product recommendations by using AI and machine-learning algorithms to enhance shopper engagement
✓ Support up-selling and gross-selling throughout dynamic rules of product display
✓ Provide attractive free-gift promotions with catchy-designed banners
✓ Integrate Amazon channel for worldwide sales expansion.
✓ Optimize site-performance and customer journey with well-known Google tools: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google AdWords, etc
✓ Ensure SEO-friendly web system from URL, sitemap, meta tags, internal links to advanced SEO features

✓ Fully control customer information, customer groups data.
Ultimately-strategic tiered pricing for specific customer groups
✓ Highly configure customer attribute fields to effectively gather needed data
✓ Enhance customer satisfaction and marketing efficiency with accurate segmentation by orders, shipping addresses, shopping cart data and many other parameters
✓ Support social sign-up/log-in via Facebook/Google account, especially Google Authenticator and SMS OTP to provide additional security-layer

✓ Ensure stock amounts are salable throughout a robust stock management tool
✓ Easy-to-manage inventory in different chain stores and warehouses
✓ Flexibly use virtual stocks to customize and navigate to the most suitable warehouse from the storefront
✓ Assign and make custom-built changes to the source and inventory quantities per products for warehouses, stores, drop shippers, etc
✓ Quickly progressing multi-address orders to check out with a series of orders and delivery exactly to appropriate destinations

✓ Visual admin dashboard for report overview
✓ Fully data-driven Marketing Report: product in cart, search terms, abandoned carts, newsletter problems
✓ Fully data-driven Sales Report: orders, tax, invoiced, shipping, refunds, coupons, and PayPal settlement
✓ Fully data-driven Customer Report: order total, order count, new account, wish lists, segments
✓ Fully data-driven Product Report: product views, ordered products, bestsellers, stock levels, and downloads
✓ Accurate Product Reviews Report by customer (the number of submitted reviews, reviews-list links) and by product (the number of reviews, average rating, last-reviewed product, reviews-list link per product)
✓ In-depth Metrics Report by various aspects of sales activities to effectively analyze customers’ insight: sales comparison, sales by orders and order items, days of week, hour, country, category, customer group, coupons, etc

✓ Integrated with Google Analytics (GA) to track and report about website traffic, audience, acquisition, behavior
✓ Integrated with Facebook Pixels to measure the effectiveness of advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website
✓ Integrated with Google Tag Manager (GTM) to quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments collectively (tags) on your website to measure the audience, or to personalize, retarget, or to marketing campaigns
✓ Support integrated with Mention to monitor mentions of client’s brand on social media channels

✓ POS: Sapo, KiotViet, Hararetail, Ocha POS, Loyverse, mShop, ConnectPOS, Acid POS
✓ Payment: Paypal, OpenPay, AfterPay, Stripe, CyberSource, DebitSuccess, Momo, ZaloPay, VNPay, OnePay
✓ Shipping: GHTK, GHN, Lalamove, Ahamove
✓ CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Zoho
✓ ERP: ERP Oracle, Microsoft Dynamic, ERP SAP Business One, ERP OpenBravo, Odoo, AMIS
✓ BI: Magento Commerce BI, Microsoft Power BI






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