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Location: Vietnam

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Annam Gourmet Market is the creation of the passion of European cuisine from the two founders of Annam Group. For more than 20 years in business, the Annam Gourmet grocery retailer chain has been growing strong in the Vietnamese market with top-quality imported goods such as top-tier grocery products, wines, beverages, and cosmetics. 

Together with other retail brands from the Annam Group such as The Warehouse, Yves Rocher, Flomar, Annam Gourmet Market currently has supplied over 10,000 products of famous brands to customers in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar markets.

Given problem

Expanding e-commerce channels to optimize business

With many stores that are operating in Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Annam Gourmet is highly appreciated by customers for its high quality, safe, and healthy products.

However, nowadays users are increasingly diverse in age ranges, behaviors, and consuming habits. Requirements for multi-channel and multi-device experiences also become a crucial criterion in the process of providing products and services from business to consumers, especially in the context of digital transformation as well as the negative impact coming from the Covid-19 epidemic. 

For long-term sustainable business development, besides the plan of increasing the number of stores in the Vietnamese market, Annam Gourmet also sees great potential when developing an eCommerce distribution channel. Simultaneously, businesses can operate flawlessly from online to offline to optimize the value and bring the Annam Gourmet experience to the consumer. 

Annam Gourmet has owned an online website, and it was primarily used for branding development because the eCommerce effectiveness wasn’t the business’s top priority. The website system was not complete and had some limitations. In order to ensure the website is fully built and functional, SECOMM and strategic partner Synova have cooperated with Annam Group, successfully developed a set of specialized solutions for a sustainable eCommerce plan for Annam Gourmet.

Solution & Technology

Professional eCommerce system with Magento 2

Accompanying Annam Gourmet’s long-term development goal in the Vietnam market, SECOMM and Synova have successfully built a complete eCommerce system on the Magento 2. Among many other specialized platforms, Magento 2 is the most appropriate choice given the scale, the complexity of the functions, the operating system, and the ability to integrate between Magento and the rest of the software management systems seamlessly in Annam Gourmet.

Synova takes on the main goal of providing solutions for digital marketing campaigns, and mobile apps for business activities at Annam Gourmet.

SECOMM takes on the leading role in the entire development of the eCommerce system, provides the appropriate technical solutions to improve the performance of Annam Gourmet’s website, and coherent performance between the website and many other systems. 

Solution for catalog and products system

With the natural characteristics of an omnichannel retail business, Annam Gourmet possesses a large and complex category structure containing a  huge number of SKUs that need to be managed precisely across all sales channels. SECOMM used a product information management system (Akeneo PIM) to operate all product data and manage a complex catalog structure across every channel, every store. From images, data, product attributes to multilingual product descriptions or complex catalog structures, all are fully managed from a centralized PIM system. PIM also supports updating, as well as synchronizing new product information, data, quickly, and accurately from online to offline. 

Solution for order processing 

The payment solution and delivery process are also completed and officially put into operation to ensure that the Annam Gourmet eCommerce system is capable of handling a large number of orders every day.

About payment: successfully integrated Onepay payment gateway, Momo e-wallet, and Zalopay allows customers to easily pay from domestic cards to international payment cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club. 

About logistics: to handle the orders to be shipped quickly to customers, SECOMM has perfected the shipping handling system with a variety of options to help customers have a better shopping experience when ordering at Annam Gourmet. Besides popular shipping options, the “Buy online, pick up in-store” method is also implemented at all Annam Gourmet branches, giving customers more flexible and suitable delivery options to choose from. 

Loyalty Program

Understanding the importance of customers for the sustainable business development of Annam Gourmet, a membership program dedicated to loyal customers has been implemented on the system with many special offers: 

  • Exclusive offers on alcohol products, free shipping, birthday gifts, and other benefits. 
  • Offers on accumulating and redeemable points.
  • Receiving more redeemable points when joining in ANNAM XANH program, completing surveys, following the bulletin board, and participating in any activities held at Annam Gourmet.

SECOMM has built more effective information system synchronization, and user account management solutions, ensuring that the process of accumulating membership points and managing each customer’s information is always accurate:

  • Using an API system to sync every user’s data, rewards points, e-vouchers, and gift cards flawlessly, unifying apps, website, CRM, and AX ERP.
  • Ensure each user can access and manage rewards points by an OTP enhanced secured verified account. 
  • Customers can also use the e-voucher easily at the store by scanning the QR code from the application, and the data will continue to be synchronized throughout the system.

Seamlessly integration of Magento, POS, CRM, and AX ERP

The most important factor for the entire eCommerce system at Annam Gourmet is the absolute and ideal data synchronization between various portions. The main components operating on the system include: 

  • Website Magento 2
  • AX ERP
  • CRM
  • POS system at the physical stores
  • Product Information Management System (PIM)

Synchronization requirements demand each component to be able to operate independently and stably while ensuring the continuity of data processing when operating on the same system. SECOMM has built an API solution for 2 main processes: 

  • Ensure customer data and order fulfillment processes taking place on Magento are synchronized to the rest of the components. 
  • Ensure customer data, member points, warehouses, order status arising from AX ERP are also updated and synchronized to the rest of the system.


The perfect start to a sustainable eCommerce journey

Currently, the Magento 2 website system has been put into operation officially, functions stably, and effectively with other components in Annam Gourmet’s operating system. 

With the typical elements of the eCommerce retail model at Annam Gourmet, the Magento 2 platform is capable of meeting all business needs, operating efficiently in a highly complex system, quickly processing huge amounts of products data, customers, orders, and perfectly syncing with ERP, CRM, and POS.

The steady performance of the Magento 2 system has met all expectations from Annam Gourmet as well as Annam Group, bringing positive results and forming a solid foundation for the brand to quickly grow and expand operation in the future.