Renewing and performance-optimizing the BCP System

Industry: Business Chatting Program
Location: Vietnam

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Chatwork is a multi-purpose and feature-rich platform that effectively supports business information and data transmission in over 205 countries and regions. Recognizing the great potential of the Vietnamese market, Chatwork carried out trading programs as a bridge between Vietnam and Japan. As a result, the Business Chatting Program (BCP) was officially launched by Chatwork. This program was an impressive innovation concept supporting business connection and cooperation in Vietnam, Japan, and many other countries worldwide.

Given problem

Highly reliable business connecting program

The BCP aimed to be a leading business connecting program in the world in the long term. Therefore, they required to improve and renew the existing web system. In detail, both user interface and back-end functions need an optimal operating solution to replace numerous manual processes regarding increased business connection demand.

Solution & Technology

Renewing solution with UI and UX enhancements

After auditing the whole web system combined with customer insights using BCP and analyzing potential targets, SECOMM started idea-brainstorming about structure, images, icons for renewing the web interface, and the overall UI/UX design to optimize the user experience. Concurrently:
▪️Re-designing graphic components to unify brand identity
Optimizing space, layout for infographics sections for a much more logical and harmonized web-structure
Designing and arranging all the Action Buttons to navigate user experience efficiently
Prioritizing mobile-first design to respond to multi-device user experience

Key function solutions

Information management function

SECOMM built an information management system with diverse information, complex data fields, and strict requirements on information security to promote effective business connections.

Multi-language, multi-national, multi-industry

With the goal of worldwide trade connection, BCP oriented to be a popular business platform in more than 20 countries with 15 various industries. Based on that demand, we established the five main languages to support multi-national cooperation, including Japanese, Vietnamese, English, Thai, and Taiwanese.

Optimizing search bar

With BCP’s diverse connecting requirements in many industries and countries, SECOMM also rebuilt the search bar with customizable data fields to help users quickly seek suitable business targets and demands.


From a connecting platform to digital transformation in business

Thanks to this renewal, BCP accomplished their mission in facilitating digital cooperation. So, companies could self-adjust to change and improve operational performance according to global standards. The BCP business also strongly promoted business demand for digital trading connections and the digital transformation process in the broader sense. As a result, BCP themselves and Chatwork, in general, have brought sustainable values throughout providing services for their member network.

From about 840 members owned before the renewal, BCP have currently owned more than 2000 business members and still counting. This significant growth is a demonstration of the business’s reliability for BCP. SECOMM are honored to receive the BCP’s trustworthiness in developing and launching this project.