A convenient e-ticket system for Eureka Skydeck 88

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Location: Australia

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The Eureka Tower is a unique icon in Australia. It is a gilded skyscraper located in the center of Melbourne, which is known by numerous visitors for the 88th-floor spectacular sightseeing area – providing a panoramic view of Melbourne from bustling city-streets, urban areas to the world’s leading luxury hotels.

Given problem

The online business demand

The Skydeck went into official operation in 2006. Since then, Eureka Skydeck developed a WordPress system for all brand-building activities.  This website is additionally the main communicating channel for major cultural events/festivals in Melbourne, aligning with social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Throughout the operation, tourists were increasingly flocking to the Skydeck due to its spectacular views. Therefore, if the business integrates an online booking system into the current website, international tourists can effortlessly buy tickets without lining up at the Skydeck entry. 

Receiving the trust from Eureka Skydeck, SECOMM is hugely proud to accompany the brand in their ecommerce expansion, leading to outstanding growth.

Compared to re-platforming to a new ecommerce platform, integrating the ticket-booking feature into the existing website is a cost-effective solution. To implement this feature on the WordPress system, Woocommerce is the best-suit, owning powerful performance and scalability to meet the ecommerce requirement at Eureka Skydeck.

Besides developing the e-ticket system, marketing and communication also need to be promoted on the website to assist in the growth of the Eureka Skydeck brand. Therefore, SECOMM refined front-end components for website restructuring to conduct further commercial projects.

Solution & Technology

Development of a flawless e-ticket system

For complete e-ticket progressing, we classified Eureka Skydeck customers into separate groups:
▪️Categorize tickets by age: adults, children, and family tickets, …
Categorized by education level (for school education and excursion): primary (from 7 years old and up), secondary, tertiary with learning activities provided by experienced educators.

Based on SECOMM’s analysis of all the customer groups, we implemented a complete process allowing customers to pick the correct ticket type and provide complete personal information to all participants.

The general process was:
▪️On the ticket and pricing page, customers could choose 1 of 3 main ticket groups: general admission (for independent travelers and families), school bookings (for schools), and group bookings (for tours from a minimum of 20 people).
Customers in the general admission group would complete the process of choosing tickets by age, choosing edge-experience upgrade, complete the personal information form, Edge Camera experience, and proceeding payment.
Customers in the school bookings group would pick education level, tour type, ticket type (standard ticket with single-entry, Sun & Star ticket with double-entry), complete school details form, and proceed with payment.

Payment gateway and e-ticket solutions

SECOMM integrated credit card payment allowing both domestic and international tourists to proceed with payment quickly.

When the order was successfully confirmed, the system would send an e-ticket including information and a barcode to the customer’s email to support quick check-in at the Skydeck entry.


The Woocommerce efficiency on WordPress

After integrating into the website, Woocommerce effectively promoted its advantages with a visualized and handy admin interface similar to the existing WordPress system, supporting seamless website administration processes.

Furthermore, Woocommerce provided a comprehensive and professional ecommerce workflow, allowing an effortless management process of products, inventory, orders, coupons, payments,… and full sales reports.

The ecommerce performance of the Eureka Skydeck website has improved significantly. This solution allowed all the visitors to buy e-tickets quickly and easily. As a result, the business could approach more international tourists and make Eureka Skydeck well-known worldwide.

With the support and companionship of Eureka Skydeck, this project is a favorable opportunity for SECOMM to promote our ecommerce expertise and provide comprehensive solutions.