Jasnor- Multi-store business system with Magento 2

Client: JASNOR

Industry: Toys and gifts

Location: Australia, New Zealand

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Jasnor is a private family-owned business in Australia, established in 1988, with more than 30 years experience in supply, manufacturing, distributing toys and gifts business in two markets, Australia and New Zealand. The business currently owns many exclusive distribution rights with more than 77 famous brands such as Disney, DC, Harry Potter, and more than 2,700 retailers as well as more than 1800 SKUs in the system.

Jasnor is considered a member and is one of the leading distributors of quality, innovative toys, and gifts in the industry. They also have a reputation for combined commercial value with service, experience, and expertise by many retailers in Australia and New Zealand. 

Given problem

Upgrade eCommerce channel to optimize business

Jasnor owns two eCommerce websites on the Magento 1 platform, one for New Zealand, and the other for Australia, the business has not focused on the development of the eCommerce system, mainly for branding. Simultaneously, some important functionalities need to be optimized and improved in order to help the  businesses to reach more clients, increase sales, while maintaining the customer relationship on the eCommerce system in a more efficient way. Jasnor acknowledged the existing issues and realized that a significant system upgrade was needed to meet the business development goals. Not only that, upgrading the existing e-commerce system will help the business increase their resources, optimize the customer service with more efficient and automatic processes, unify data from all business departments to get a more intelligent insight, which essentially promote their partner’s brand together with Jasnor.

With that understanding and more than 10 year of experience in this eCommerce field, SECOMM team has worked with Jasnor to find the most optimal solution to achieve the business goals: replatforming the whole system from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Solution & Technology

Migrating data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 to improve efficiency

Replatforming a web system is a complex process that requires two critical steps: redeveloping existing features and data migration. With strong technical experience in doing this for many clients, Secomm has provided a thorough transition project with Agile methodology so that both teams could work together and deal with changes along the way.

In terms of data, throughout years in business, Jasnor has obtained a large and complex data system, in which the catalogue was the most important component of any eCommerce system, it needed to be migrated completely and accurately regarding attributes and structure. In addition, every function in the websites also needed to be preserved during the transition, including all of the default features and workflows from the Magento platform to 3rd party vendors and customizations that had been implemented within the 6 years old system.

Using the business management system, SAP, which Jasnor is currently applying in their daily business process, to controlling, and managing data, SECOMM has come up with an optimal, and ideal solution for the migration and transformation of the entire data system, including the functions that already existed in the system from Magento 1 to Magento 2. 

Interface refreshing

Magento 2 is very different in UI/UX and workflow, therefore giving customers a new experience with refreshed look & feel while still keeping branding recognized factors was a real challenge, which has been overcome smoothly by Secomm’s strong frontend development team.

Multi-stores business system: integration between SAP and Magento 2 platform.

As both websites for Australia and New Zealand markets share the same catalog structure, features on customer interface, workflows and integrations, therefore from the infrastructure perspective, it was making sense to have both set up on the same Magento 2 installation. This has helped Jasnor to operate their online business in a cost effective way with data centralization and resources optimization. 

Solution for Catalog/ Directory: 

As a large and long-standing kid toys distributor, Jasnor owns a complex and diverse multiple level category structure containing a huge number of SKUs from hundreds of brands with a lot of different product information, which should be managed precisely in both SAP ERP and Magento systems. Understanding the importance of the management requirements, SECOMM’s engineering team has designed and implemented  a daily synchronization process of all catalog data between two systems to become more efficient without consuming too much of the server’s resources. 

Solution for customer information and orders synchronization:

Jasnor is the main distributor for many retailers, therefore the B2B ordering and the payment process within their eCommerce system are different compared to other B2C websites. The majority of Jasnor orders are usually large in volume with the requirement that customers can pay multiple times for one single order, and also allow them to pre-order the upcoming products, or back-order that are temporarily out of stock. In addition, all orders from both offline and online channels need to be synchronized so that the customers and the administrators can look up any information anywhere in realtime is a challenge for the integration process, which SECOMM has solved perfectly, with the help of SAP ERP system where all data is centralized. 

Solution for payments:

To ensure that the entire Jasnor eCommerce system is capable of handling a huge number of orders every day, the online payment solution has also been completed and officially put into the business operation. SECOMM has successfully integrated the SecurePay payment gateway, allowing customers to pay easily using any international payment cards such as VISA, Master Card, and American Express, establishing a robust and secured process for customers and businesses.


A successful upgrade to a sustainable eCommerce journey

Jasnor’s eCommerce system has officially come into operation with high processing efficiency; which is fully integrated and works well together to provide a flawless experience. Furthermore, every procedure in the system is designed to operate automatically, and cohesively. SECOMM is proud to continue and become a reliable partner in many upcoming eCommerce projects with Jasnor. Additionally, SECOMM is highly appreciated by Jasnor for the solution deployment as well as the ability to handle and solve complex problems precisely, and on time in every project.