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As one of the popular global logistics businesses, Kuehne + Nagel has always been a market leader for over 125-year-operation. More than a transportation provider, the business is also honored as a comprehensive logistics solution provider dedicated to different market demands.

The Group has had more than 1300 worldwide offices to respond to business needs quickly. In Vietnam, they opened up new branches in significant economic development areas such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi with more than 300 experts with extensive market know-how.

Given problem

Technology requirement in the HR operation

The business has a long-standing experience in worldwide operation, so the human factor has always been prioritized and targeted. Accordingly, hiring a suitable candidate will produce practical values. Besides, applying technology in the recruitment process helps collect complete candidate data to accurately assess, compare, and analyze the potential one. As a result, Kuehne + Nagel came to an idea about utilizing technology to enhance recruiting efficiency, saving time and resources while ensuring candidate quality.

After getting the business requirements, SECOMM came up with a detailed solution orienting to develop strategy/tactical games combining IQ tests to assist recruitment.

Although HR-recruitment technology projects are not our primary expertise, SECOMM was granted trust and partnership with the Kuehne + Nagel Group.

Solution & Technology

The three main products

SECOMM started planning the overall ideas and logic, including an EQ test integrated into the three IQ minigames. Following this, the HR department would use those game’s exported results (including all candidate data) to analyze and consider the best potential person.

We built the minigames based on:
Programming language: PHP
Framework: Laravel

The three idea-concepts mainly:
▪️Kuehne Nagel story: a role-playing game with puzzles, examining the candidate’s IQ and problem-solving ability. Players must help the people/animals successfully across the river while winning the puzzles and moving swiftly. If passing all the puzzles and having a fast speed, the player will get a maximum of 5 points, corresponding to 5 stars.
Kuehne Nagel maze: role-playing + strategy game examines the players’ logical thinking ability throughout fighting their way through an intricate maze to the warehouse. Additionally, players need to survive from the enemies and overcome the challenges along the way. Similar to the Kuehne+Nagel story, the players will get up to 5 stars when passing the game.
Kuehne Nagel transport: a tactical game examines agility, dexterity, and observation skills. The player must move the rectangle from a current rotating circle into another. If that object touches the red arc round, the mission fails.

After completing the games, all the data, including EQ results, would be collected and reported to the HR department to conduct candidate analysis and classification in the next step of recruiting process.


Recruitment outcomes from the project

The HR technology applications at Kuehne + Nagel brought high attraction for candidates and provided comprehensive data to classify and assess in-depth resource potential. At the same time, the project contributes outstanding values ​​to the sustainable growth of Kuehne + Nagel people and corporate culture.