The very first online retail project with An Nam Group – The Warehouse

Industry: Wine Retail
Location: Vietnam

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The Warehouse stands out from the Vietnamese market as a wine and spirits distributor, which is also one of the An Nam Group’s retail brands (Annam Gourmet Market, The Warehouse, Yves Rocher, Flormar). Since 2001, the brand has bent their efforts to partner with more than 80 well-known wineries worldwide. Those cooperations have supported The Warehouse to bring the Vietnam Market high-quality product with peculiarities from parts of the world.The Warehouse has currently possessed more than 1500 imported wines and spirits from 15 countries. Furthermore, the firm expanded their presence in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang to promote the Vietnam market.

Given problem

Officially enter the ecommerce market with Magento 2.3

To encompass all the B2B and B2C wine and spirits channels, The Warehouse launched a fundamental transformation to a digital platform for their business operation. As a result, they could be a B2B distributor for restaurants, hotels & resorts, bars & lounges, concurrently expand a retail channel for personal customers.

Among highly-rated ecommerce platforms, Magento 2.3 was the best suit to accompany The Warehouse’s sustainable development. With more than 8-year-experience of Magento development, SECOMM was granted the trust from An Nam Group and especially Synova – our strategic partner in providing comprehensive digital solutions – to implement The Warehouse’s ecommerce project.

Throughout partnering with Synova, we developed more critical functions for the web system to support technical issues and integrate with the back-office, Digital Marketing, and Mobile App provided by Synova.

Solution & Technology

A cautious beginning with Magento

User interface solution (UI)

The Warehouse put a strong emphasis on branding. Therefore, a professional website interface showing off the wine industry particularities required precedence over other critical ecommerce tasks. For prioritized front-end, SECOMM refined to-every-detail UI/UX elements to support the responsive design, optimizing user experience.
The critical UI solutions:
▪️Using Bordeaux corresponds to the brand logo as the dominant color scheme combining with the icon, logo, and banner sets.
Optimizing performance: including fine-tuning SEO content and images, creating a harmonized layout for all pages, and improving page speed.
Setting up two main languages: Vietnamese-English to benefit both Vietnamese and non-natives.
Additionally, based on Magento 2, SECOMM developed CMS pages on the ecommerce site to support the branding activities such as promotions, wine-tasting events, and other brand marketing campaigns.

Category solution

SECOMM designed a quick-search bar to assist customers in finding the right needed product. Simultaneously, SECOMM developed advanced filtering and displaying features with complicated categories and attributes: price, country, region/sub-region, grape variety, taste, brand, etc. At the same time, on the product page, customers could customize the “Sort-by view” based on product name, price, bottle size, and alcohol by volume (ABV) to easily pick the correct items.

POS – ERP integrating solution

To unified business processes at all stores, SECOMM conducted the integration of Magento with the existing POS system to seamlessly connect all channels from online to offline. Concurrently, SECOMM integrated Magento with the AX ERP system to synchronize products, categories, orders, and customer information. We then recognized significant long-term advantages of multi-system integration: improving manual processes enhancing automation for back-office and sales management, ensuring high accuracy and operating performance for business growth.

Payment solution

SECOMM integrated the Onepay payment gateway allowing the Warehouse to process various transactions from domestic payment cards to international payment cards, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club.

Delivery solution

For expanding country-wide stores, SECOMM produced a particular costing system to support delivery at every store. This function automatically picked a corresponding store according to customer address, which helped classifying orders to the nearest brick-and-mortar warehouse, producing higher delivery productivity.

SECOMM also developed the “Pick up in-store” function allowing customers to receive goods flexibly, in which they could choose and buy orders at that store. Then, within 1-hour-preparation, they would get the pick-up notification and come to receive the goods directly. This solution helps customers to receive goods quickly and conveniently at a closer location.


Essential solutions for the next-phase Magento system

Based on the stable and effective ecommerce system, SECOMM have implemented the multi-stores function in the next phase, applying to the first 8 stores as independent warehouses and then promoting for all remains. This expansion allows all the needs of customers throughout the provinces of Vietnam.

A head start is a basis for SECOMM and The Warehouse to complete an ecommerce business model in the wine industry. It is also a premise for SECOMM, SYNOVA, and An Nam Group to implement further potential projects.