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Trentham Estate Winery has been a long-standing Australian brand specializing in wine production and trading since 1988. Throughout the operation, the business has been honored with hundreds of medals, titles, and significant awards in the wine industry. They were also appreciated for their flexible and creative winemaking method, producing various distinct flavor products.




A sustainable-growing demand with eCommerce

Since the beginning, Trentham Estate Winery built and maintained a WordPress website to develop and manage all the branding activities.
It came to problems when traditional business processes gradually missed the diverse purchasing needs of potential corporate customers amid the increasing-eCommerce trend worldwide. However, the business has a significant advantage of time-honored wine production with a 45-hectare vineyard that can fully meet customer needs around Australia.

Accordingly, a comprehensive eCommerce system would contribute as an effective sales channel for further Trentham’s extension strategies. As a result, the official delivery of the website effectively worked on branding, marketing and supplied a full range of quality products to all Aussie customers. Since then, businesses have inclusively approached more domestic customers and international objectives, simultaneously grow sustainably in the long-term strategy.



Applying Magento Community 1.9

Magento features were the best suit for Trentham’s eCommerce requirements in the wine industry. Therefore, in 2017, SECOMM developed a comprehensive eCommerce site from Magento Community 1.9 for wine supplying with an accelerated operating and managing process.
In addition, we combined the Magento website with DigitalOcean (a cloud-based infrastructure) to manage the technology infrastructure system, optimize the search engines; and with Redis Cache to maintain a stable performance website, effectively supporting eCommerce activities.

UI solution including the wine industry-particularities

Approaching the business requirement about a modern user interface performing the wine industry-particularities fully, SECOMM had continuously fine-tuned the UI development process.
SECOMM devoted considerable time to ensure every UI element’s correctness from the official web design. The prioritized professionalism and elegance require fine-tuning all text, images, space, and their accurate balance in a complete visualization.

Ordering and payment solutions

Given the wine industry particularities, we enhanced payment and delivery processes to adapt order-fulfillment efficiency and flexibly customized requirements of customers.

For payment

SECOMM integrated the Stripe payment gateway to process subscriptions without additional interaction for any new order. This merit has simplified the buying journey and customer experience, allowing customers to make purchasing decisions quickly. In addition, Stripe will effectively support customers in using many interfaces and devices, from website channels, mobile apps, credit cards, e-wallets,… with many various currencies.

For delivery

SECOMM built a specialized shipping feature allowing customers to pick the delivery frequency in a year. This feature would also divide the product quantity to distribute for customers from 2 times per year, every quarter or every two months depending on every shipping needs.

The “Wine Club” account

The exclusive Wine Club program aimed to satisfy a significant customer group having thorough wine knowledge. They were mainly personal customers with a wine enthusiasm for collecting and enjoying good wines or brand-new products, so they were willing to pay periodically and regularly for their favorite wines.

Additionally, Trentham only allowed businesses to order a minimum of 12 wine bottles per order according to the original business model. However, individual customers and smaller shops, restaurants, and eateries had no enough preserved conditions for those 12 wines in one purchase and used them up in a short time. Therefore, the business processed to build the Wine Club program to supply products more efficiently to these customer groups.

After joining the Wine Club, customers could order a minimum of six wine bottles with delivery frequency (per year) according to every need. Simultaneously, customers also got attractive promotions provided by Wine Club.

SECOMM developed custom ordering options to ensure great benefits for customers, namely:

– Wine Club members could pick delivery frequency which a minimum of 3 times/year.

– The wine quantity must be six or a multiple of six.

– Each order came with randomly gifted wines.

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Magento is a sustainable business strategy

Yet, the Trentham eCommerce system has been under stable operation, producing significant business revenue. At the same time, the brand has also expanded beyond Australia to approach other international markets. In addition, Trentham has also developed new online activities with restaurant booking services, wine tasting events on the web system.

To achieve the above positive outcomes, Magento has contributed its best functions to the project. As a result, the business can supply wines effectively and accelerate the branding process quickly with sustainable strategies from only one controlling system. Magento best fitted the system requirements and approached all the industry particularities to deliver optimal website performance.

SECOMM is proud to be a trustworthy partner in developing eCommerce solutions using Magento for the Trentham system.

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