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15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus

Headless Commerce is one of the fastest-growing trends that contributes to changing how businesses approach eCommerce. Interestingly, Shopify Plus is known as a leading platform in providing superior solutions and tools for businesses to implement Headless Commerce.

The article below lists 15 top brands from various industries that have deployed headless eCommerce websites on the Shopify Plus platform to deliver a more memorable online shopping experience to customers.

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Babylist was founded in 2011 by Natalie Gordon when she was pregnant and faced difficulty selecting gifts for her baby shower. Babylist is a platform that allows parents to create a list of products they need for their child. This helps party attendees or gift buyers know what items are essential. 

It’s crucial for Babylist to optimize for two distinct customer journeys:

  • One allows parents to easily create a wishlist and add product URLs they want from any website on the internet, not just Babylist.
  • One allows friends or relatives to purchase products from the wishlist from anywhere on the internet.

This illustrates that shopping involves more than just selecting items from a product catalog; it also extends to registries created by parents, housing product URLs from various sources on the internet. The complexity increases as Babylist enables users to make online purchases and collect items in-store. 

15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - Babylist
Babylist website

Therefore, Babylist has adopted Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus to customize the customer journey more easily and optimize the management processes of product listings, orders, payments, and inventory. In addition, Babylist also uses a Headless CMS – Contentful to distribute content to the website and mobile app interfaces.

  • Website: https://www.babylist.com/
  • Industry: Maternity & Baby
  • Lưu lượng truy cập: 9.9 triệu/tháng
  • Xếp hạng: 1,087 (Hoa Kỳ) & 5,431 (Toàn cầu)


Figs is a high-end medical apparel brand with a focus on minimalist design.

The brand specializes in manufacturing and distributing medical clothing and accessories for healthcare professionals, including households, doctors, dentists, and individuals working in the healthcare industry. Figs’ product range includes medical clothing, jackets, hats, socks, gloves, and shoes.

Prioritizing online sales, Figs has implemented a Headless Commerce strategy using Shopify Plus for backend functions such as product management, order processing, payments, shipping, and more. However, on the frontend, Figs has taken an independent approach to crafting a distinctive and personalized user experience.

15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - Figs
Figs website

In particular, Figs has utilized Unbounce to create unique and tailored landing pages for products or promotional campaigns. Furthermore, they’ve integrated Next.js to link these customized landing pages seamlessly with the product pages on Shopify.

This approach ensures that when customers visit a specific custom landing page, they can easily locate and purchase products. Therefore, Figs has enhanced the shopping experience for customers, providing a seamless and user-friendly journey to quickly find the products of their interest.

  • Website: https://www.wearfigs.com/
  • Lĩnh vực: Thời trang 
  • Lưu lượng truy cập: 4.3 triệu/tháng
  • Xếp hạng: 2,207 (Hoa Kỳ) & 9,573 (Toàn cầu)


Allbirds is an athletic and footwear brand founded in 2014 by Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger. The brand is well-known for crafting shoes from sustainable sources and featuring simple, aesthetically pleasing designs. With the slogan “We make shoes to thank the earth,” Allbirds has experienced rapid growth, becoming a prominent name in the fashion industry as a whole and specifically in the footwear sector. 

15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - Allbirds
Allbirds website

To provide an optimal online shopping experience for customers, Allbirds has deployed Headless Shopify Plus. The Headless architecture allows the brand to customize and control the user interface (frontend) flexibly and efficiently, while Shopify Plus is utilized for managing data and eCommerce operations on the backend.

The deployment of Headless Commerce has enabled Allbirds to create a user-friendly and distinctive interface, providing a unique shopping experience with advanced features.


Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Rothy’s is a well-known fashion brand that specializes in producing footwear from recycled materials, primarily utilizing post-consumer plastic fibers, especially PET. Rothy’s has become an icon capturing consumer interest by combining fashion elements with an environmentally-friendly mindset.

15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - Rothys
Rothy’s website

With a desire to “do things differently,” Rothy’s has embraced a Headless architecture to easily expand its presence to various international markets. The Headless architecture allows the brand the freedom to seamlessly integrate preferred technologies into the Shopify Plus eCommerce system.

Meanwhile, Rothy’s can develop independent frontends for each market, enabling adjustments in elements such as pricing and language to suit the specific consumers of each market. This approach helps Rothy’s create a unique and tailored shopping experience for the target customers in each market they serve.

  • Website: https://rothys.com/
  • Industry: Fashion
  • Traffic: 1.6M/month
  • Ranking: 6,083 (USA) & 31,084 (Worldwide)


Inkbox is a brand specializing in temporary tattoos that can be easily applied to the skin and nails. It allows users to have the temporary tattoos they desire without the commitment of a permanent one. Inkbox’s ink is made from natural ingredients, ensuring it is skin-friendly with the “Freehand Ink” technology. The brand is an example of leveraging creativity and technology to offer a temporary change for self-expression and image creation on the skin and nails uniquely and excitingly. 

Inkbox has implemented Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus to provide an optimal shopping experience for customers, featuring prominent functionalities such as:

  • Search suggestions with popular keywords
  • Displaying products by size, category, and theme
  • Allowing users to customize their tattoos
  • Integrating multiple payment methods: PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Sezzle, and Afterpay.
15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - Inkbox
Inkbox website
  • Website: https://inkbox.com/
  • Industry: Beauty
  • Traffic: 1.3M/month
  • Ranking: 9,560 (USA) & 31,846 (Worldwide)

Kylie Cosmetics

Since its establishment in 2014, Kylie Cosmetics has been widely embraced by consumers throughout North America, and Kylie Jenner was notably honored as a business genius by Forbes. Following the success of Kylie-branded cosmetics, in 2019 Kylie Jenner marked a new milestone by introducing the skincare line named Kylie Skin.

15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - Kylie Cosmetics
Kylie Cosmetics website

Quick to embrace the Headless Commerce trend, Kylie Cosmetics has implemented Shopify Plus for core functionalities on the backend, such as payment and delivery.

In addition, this platform provides the brand with exceptional flexibility to integrate third-party services for a more diverse range of custom operations on the frontend.

This enables Kylie Cosmetics to offer a unique and appealing online shopping experience for customers while benefiting from the robust and stable infrastructure of Shopify Plus.


Vinamilk is the national brand of Vietnam, offering a wide range of trusted dairy products such as fresh milk, yogurt, condensed milk, ice cream, and more. In 2023, Vinamilk implemented a repositioning strategy to strengthen its position in the domestic market and expand its business activities internationally. 

As part of this strategy, Vinamilk integrated its eCommerce website and corporate website to provide a more consistent and seamless customer experience, as well as to manage data more efficiently.

15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - Vinamilk
Vinamilk website

Vinamilk collaborated with SECOMM to make a decisive move towards implementing the Headless Commerce + Headless CMS model based on the Shopify Plus eCommerce platform and a Headless CMS system.

The revamped appearance of Vinamilk’s website signifies a transformation from traditional to modern, from segregation to integration, and from focusing solely on sales to enhancing the overall customer experience.


ILIA is a beloved clean beauty brand that has won numerous consumer awards. The brand was created to help users protect and restore their skin through safe and highly effective formulas.

Initially running on Shopify Advanced, ILIA’s eCommerce website quickly grew and upgraded to Shopify Plus for more flexible customization capabilities.

ILIA implemented Headless to provide diverse and impressive visuals, helping customers find the exact type of cosmetics suitable for their skin without creating a cluttered web experience that could impact performance and page loading speed.

15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - ILIA
ILIA website

By deploying Headless Commerce on Shopify Plus, ILIA’s developers have the freedom to experiment with various types and formats of content. This approach has significantly improved the frontend capabilities, such as faster page loading speed, and has provided customers with an enhanced shopping experience, including the “Find My Shade” feature.

  • Website: https://iliabeauty.com/
  • Industry: Cosmetics
  • Traffic: 530K/month
  • Ranking: 20,571 (USA) & 107,803 (Worldwide)


Established in 1575, Bols is a brand specializing in cocktails that has been present in bars, restaurants, and airplanes worldwide for many years. After years of operation, the brand aimed to sell its products to consumers on a global scale. Therefore, Bols built an eCommerce website for both B2B and B2C models, placing a strong emphasis on customer experience.

15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - Bols
Bols website

By deploying Headless Commerce on the Shopify Plus platform, Bols can flexibly customize the layout and design of the frontend interface, allowing customers to purchase cocktails, book events, buy event tickets, and register for mixology courses.

To date, Bols has built a community of over 20 thousand followers on Instagram and has integrated this social network into the website to share the latest cocktail recipes.

  • Website: https://bols.com/
  • Industry: FnB
  • Traffic: 482.7K/month
  • Ranking: 23,098 (Holland) & 619,828 (Worldwide)

Victoria Beckham Beauty

Victoria Beckham is known as an icon in the global fashion industry, and her talent and dedication are recognized by professionals and fans alike.

Victoria’s passion extends beyond fashion to the realm of beauty. Thus, in 2019, she co-founded the beauty brand Victoria Beckham Beauty.

The brand launched an eCommerce website with a focus on high performance, fast page loading speed, and smooth operation with a multilingual, multicurrency interface.

Therefore, Victoria Beckham Beauty decided to implement a Headless architecture, leveraging Shopify Plus Storefront API, Netlify hosting, combined with the Contentful Content Management System (CMS).

15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - Victoria Beckham Beauty
Victoria Beckham Beauty website

Shopify Plus assists this business in managing customers, orders, and inventory, and integrating multiple payment methods to provide a multi-currency experience. Meanwhile, Contentful provides outstanding CMS features to manage the rich data of Victoria Beckham Beauty.


Kotn was founded with a mission to set standards for creativity and conscious consumerism, designing clothing based on principles that ensure quality, honest value, and a positive impact on society. 

After launching a Headless eCommerce website with Shopify Plus in 2014, the brand continued to expand its product portfolio to meet customer demands. To provide customers with an exceptional experience, Kotn adjusted its approach for future development.

15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - Kotn
Kotn website

Kotn utilized the Shopify Storefront API to consolidate two stores into one, integrating with a new CMS system and customizing product pages and payment processes. This reduced the need for custom apps and related solutions, empowering staff to manage inventory, sales, and customer experiences more efficiently.

  • Website: https://kotn.com/
  • Industry: Fashion
  • Traffic: 336.3K/month
  • Ranking: 4,834 (Canada) & 122,434 (Worldwide)

Paul Valentine

Paul Valentine is a brand specializing in crafting and offering timeless and elegant jewelry. In just 8 years since its establishment in 2015, Paul Valentine has officially become a reputable jewelry brand, serving hundreds of customers worldwide.

15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - Paul Valentine
Paul Valentine website

While the Paul Valentine website had previously been operated on Shopify Plus, a reset in its setup made content management across 12 local stores complex and less efficient.

Therefore, implementing the Headless architecture was deemed the most suitable approach to address this issue. Accordingly, Paul Valentine built a custom frontend interface using the Shopify Storefront API and the Vue.js framework. 

Additionally, they integrated the Contentful system into the backend to unify content management and distribution across all stores.

This streamlined the management and operation of Paul Valentine’s eCommerce website, accelerated page loading speed, and ensured a smooth and consistent user experience.


Veloretti is a well-known bicycle brand from the Netherlands, specializing in the production and supply of high-quality bicycles and accessories. The introduction of their first modern electric bicycle prompted Veloretti to completely rebuild its eCommerce website.

While competitors focus on technology, Veloretti chooses to design its website with a strong emphasis on fashion and lifestyle, utilizing unique layouts and video content.

For non-electric bicycle product pages, Veloretti uses a bright theme, while a dark theme is employed for electric bicycle product pages, ensuring the provision of sufficient technical information without sacrificing the brand’s fashion and core values.

15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - Veloretti
Veloretti website

To achieve this, Veloretti has implemented the Headless architecture, with Shopify Plus serving as the backend platform. In addition, they use the Shopify Storefront API to connect the frontend and backend, facilitating easy and flexible access to data and functionality from Shopify.

Furthermore, Veloretti utilizes the React framework to build a custom frontend interface, providing customers with a unique and fashion-forward shopping experience.  

  • Website: https://www.veloretti.com/
  • Industry: Consumer electronics
  • Traffic: 145.4K/month
  • Ranking: 8,114 (Holland) & 304,131 (Worldwide)


BonLook is a renowned eyewear brand based in Montreal, with 37 branch stores across Canada. In addition to selling ready-made glasses, BonLook offers prescription lens-cutting services. Customers can upload their prescriptions, and choose lens materials, anti-blue light and anti-fatigue capabilities, frame sizes, and styles.

15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - BonLook
BonLook website

BonLook has developed a Headless omnichannel solution with Shopify Plus to provide a seamless shopping experience across various channels, from online to offline, incorporating unique features such as AR technology with “Virtual Try-On.” The brand also leverages applications within Shopify Plus Certified Apps to enhance conversion rates and foster loyalty through promotional programs and seasonal offers, attracting customers to return for more shopping.

  • Website: https://www.bonlook.ca/
  • Industry: Fashion
  • Traffic: 112.8K/month
  • Ranking: 7,778 (USA) & 294,314 (Worldwide)

Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative

Grass Roots is a cooperative of small-scale family farmers in the United States specializing in the production and sale of clean products such as pork, beef, chicken, lamb, and bone broth.

To provide users with the optimal online shopping experience, Grass Roots decided to implement a Headless Commerce solution on the Shopify Plus platform.

This allows Grass Roots to access the latest web technologies to create its unique customer experience with features such as

  • Allowing customers to select product sizes and automatically display prices.
  • Integrating a loyalty program with a referral rewards program.
  • Integrating diverse payment methods such as Shop Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay.
15 Brands Deploy Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus - Grass Roots Farmers Cooperative
Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative Website

Go Headless with Shopify Plus today!

Here are specific examples showcasing the unique and engaging customer experiences of 15 brands across various industries when implementing Headless on the Shopify Plus platform.

With its outstanding customization and scalability capabilities, Shopify Plus is one of the preferred SaaS platforms for large enterprises considering the adoption of Headless Commerce models, thanks to optimal solutions like Storefront API, Hydrogen + Oxygen, and Commerce Components.

Over the years, SECOMM has become a reliable partner for many large enterprises such as Vinamilk and Suzuverse in establishing Headless architectures for eCommerce websites. We take on the roles of consulting, planning, and accompanying businesses in building Headless Shopify Plus websites through each stage.

Contact SECOMM or call directly on the hotline (028 7108 9908) to start your Headless deployment project with Shopify Plus today!

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Cosmetics eCommerce Is Experiencing Unprecedented Growth

Consumer demand for beauty and health care is rising as the quality of life gradually improves. The fact that so many individuals are involved in commerce has also contributed to the cosmetics industry’s reputation as one of the most important sectors in the modern economy.

Additionally, the rapid growth of eCommerce following the pandemic is gradually emerging as a successful business strategy and a crucial step in the digital transformation of every industry, including the cosmetics industry.

The market size for cosmetics sold online is estimated by CommonThread to be $483 billion in 2020 and expand to $511 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.75%. The market size is anticipated to surpass 716 billion USD by 2025 and reach 784.6 billion USD by 2027.

Cosmetics eCommerce Is Experiencing Unprecedented Growth
Global cosmetic eCommerce market size

How do cosmetics firms benefit from eCommerce?

Keep up rapidly with the market shift

In the past pandemic years, the global economy has witnessed a sudden decline in sales in many industries, including the cosmetics industry.

People are compelled to reduce their social interactions while social distancing mechanisms are in effect.

At this time, people’s psychology will be more concerned with keeping an eye on and caring for themselves. Due to the unpredictable changes of the pandemic, there has been a sharp rise in the need for skincare, hair care, and body care products to enhance spiritual life.

Cosmetics eCommerce Is Experiencing Unprecedented Growth
Deploying eCommerce helps cosmetics businesses keep up with the market shift

Due to restrictions on leaving the house, online shopping at the time had become not only a need but also an urgent method of purchasing in place of in-person purchases. That serves as a springboard for eCommerce to take off and spur significant growth in other industries like fashion, grocery, wine, and even cosmetics.

These two elements highlight the enormous potential of this “cake,” assisting several cosmetic companies in realizing and swiftly implementing eCommerce for both sustainable development and market revolution.

Scale up the business

Using eCommerce as a solution will allow the cosmetics industry to shift from offline to online (O2O) business models rather than allowing their businesses to “get lost” in the crisis of the global pandemic.

Additionally, if businesses still do not have a competent eCommerce website to introduce and sell products to customers who love to shop online ​​in the age of digital transformation, they will quickly lose many potential customers to rivals.

Cosmetics eCommerce Is Experiencing Unprecedented Growth
Scale up the business by developing cosmetics eCommerce

This is especially true for a highly competitive industry like cosmetics, but several firms, including Hasaki, LixiBox, Watsons, Guardian, etc., have embraced the trend early and are now the market leaders in cosmetic eCommerce.

Furthermore, early eCommerce development will also provide benefits that will make marketing efforts more successful, broadening the economic opportunities for businesses.

Enhance customer’s shopping experience

​​Businesses must consider customers’ purchasing experiences when launching eCommerce websites, and not just for the cosmetic industry.

Thanks to the use of contemporary technologies, which are quite popular in the cosmetics industry, the purchasing procedure will be swift, and effective, and bring customers satisfaction when they choose to buy cosmetics online.

For example, a 360-degree intuitive vision, virtual reality (VR), or augmented reality (AR) technology (AR).

Cosmetics eCommerce Is Experiencing Unprecedented Growth
Building an eCommerce website to enhance customer’s online shopping experience

eCommerce enables businesses to quickly and effortlessly tailor the experience for customers by gathering, evaluating, and synthesizing the consumption behavior of each target group. Typically, this is done with the capabilities listed below: Products have seen, similar product recommendations, etc.
eCommerce provides clients with a seamless experience in addition to an intuitive one across a variety of channels, including social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Zalo, etc.), eCommerce platforms (Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, Sendo, etc.), eCommerce websites, mobile apps, etc.

Best cosmetics eCommerce sites that really stand out

Kylie Cosmetics

One of the most successful cosmetic brands that has a significant global media impact is Kylie Cosmetics. When it comes to Kylie Cosmetics, it’s tough not to give Kylie Jenner credit.

She’s the youngest female millionaire in the US and has been hailed as a business genius by prominent publications like Forbes due to her success in the saturated cosmetics industry.

​​When Kylie Cosmetics was founded in 2015, it generated an astonishing $ 420 million in revenue in its first 18 months. It is predicted that by 2022, net sales will have reached $ 1 billion.

The sensible business strategy, in addition to the founder’s reputation, focuses on utilizing the “gold mine” of eCommerce and launching social media marketing campaigns, which are the factors that contribute to that respectable revenue block.

As a result, the company used Shopify, a platform that specializes in creating websites for the top online retailers in North America, to develop its eCommerce website.

With pink and white as its primary colors, the website’s design is incredibly clean and uncomplicated. The layout of the website centers on showcasing the company’s products.

Also, this is a part of Kylie Cosmetics’ business strategy, which includes releasing collections of cosmetic products like lipsticks, eyeshadow, and eyebrow pencils with limited design and manufacturing to appeal to customers’ FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

It is not surprising that Kylie’s new collections or cosmetics Cosmetics are continually “sold out” every time it is published because this is thought to be a very intelligent strategy of Kylie Cosmetics, completely different from other well-known cosmetic firms.

Cosmetics eCommerce Is Experiencing Unprecedented Growth
Kylie Cosmetics’ eCommerce website

The business also utilizes social media platforms that are hugely popular in the US, like Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat, to create content to market brands and products and engage with a huge audience across three platforms before driving traffic to the eCommerce website and generating conversions.

The company’s inventiveness and innovation are also on display in offline events that draw customers to free product samples. Here, the company wins over even customers who have reservations about the product’s quality, which greatly increases sales.

Since Kylie Cosmetics established its first traditional cosmetic retail store in 2018, customers may now purchase cosmetics from this cult brand at Ulta Beauty locations around the US.

Indeed, Kylie Cosmetics started off quite shrewdly and went on to tremendous success by keeping up with market changes by building an online business model at first, that is, selling through an eCommerce website and relying primarily on social media for promotion.


Since entering the Vietnamese market in 2011, Guardian has grown to be a very well-known and recognizable brand among consumers of cosmetics. This brand is a part of the Dairy Farm Group, a company that manufactures and distributes health and beauty products in Asia.

Since its start, Guardian has made ongoing improvements to encourage millions of followers to lead healthy lifestyles and offer a trustworthy, high-quality purchasing experience at the finest rates and services.

With a system of more than 100 outlets “encompassing everywhere,” this retail chain is delighted to be a place to shop for cosmetics “for everyone” who can “purchase everything” and simply select appropriate items.

A clever business strategy and significant investment in successful marketing efforts are the only explanations needed to understand Guardian’s success.

When first entering the Vietnamese market, Guardian specifically pushed to quickly expand its business chain, focusing on cities with high purchasing power, with 80% of stores located in Ho Chi Minh City, the rest in Hanoi and some other major cities such as Da Nang, Can Tho, Bien Hoa, and Vung Tau.

Because at the time, online channels were not really well-known and powerful enough for this business to keep an eye on.

As a result, the company successfully raises the level of brand recognition with extensive coverage from the Guardian orange white wave, taking into account the characteristics of the cosmetics and beauty care industry, which require customers to have a direct point of contact, learn from, and test.
By 2019, the company began its journey toward digital transformation by combining offline and online (O2O) business models in parallel, and simultaneously, deploying Omnichannel.

Cosmetics eCommerce Is Experiencing Unprecedented Growth
Guardian’s eCommerce website

It is even more critical for Guardian to immediately implement potential sales channels like marketplaces, applications, fast delivery services like GrabMart, and eCommerce website operate side by side with a chain of 105 retail outlets in strategic locations due to the pandemic’s dual effects, which include changing market trends and altering consumer buying habits.

The orange and white colors and quick page loads make the Guardian website’s design stunning. Additionally, Guardian offers enticing incentives in the shipping policy, such as free fast delivery within 4 hours with orders from 349,000 VND, to encourage online shoppers.

The company’s unique product catalog, which is prominently shown on Guardian’s eCommerce website and features items like shampoos, shower gels, and hand sanitizers, is another standout.

The foundation for helping Guardian dominate the cosmetic retail market and leave a lasting impact on customers is a deliberate investment in developing a multi-channel ecosystem.


​​Modernity and growth come with invisible pressures that have an impact on everyone’s life as people struggle to keep up with the “standards” of the times.

However, that does not result in a drop in the demand for beauty and self-care, on the contrary, it is always rising, with a diversity of sufficient options to match customer expectations.

Vietnamese women are among the most beautiful in Asia, but, due to the responsibilities of work pressure and family, they occasionally neglect to care for and love themselves.

Because of this, Hasaki Beauty & Clinic was established with the desire to become a reliable beauty and spiritual care destination for Vietnamese women.

The Hasaki store system, which was introduced in 2016 and now has 76 locations across 29 Vietnamese provinces and cities, has steadily established itself as one of the top retail chains for real cosmetics. Hasaki is dedicated to offering real cosmetics at discounted pricing, living up to its motto of “True Quality – True Value”.

Along with system expansion, Hasaki also works on creating an eCommerce website with features appropriate for the cosmetics industry and always enhancing and upgrading the system to provide customers with the greatest online shopping experience.

Cosmetics eCommerce Is Experiencing Unprecedented Growth
Hasaki’s eCommerce website

The Magento platform was used to build the website, and the interface is attractive with green serving as the primary color tone for the entire eCommerce website and app system. Customers can check current promotions and conveniently look up order details when accessing the Hasaki website.

Additionally, the “handbook” section at Hasaki has a wealth of knowledge on cosmetics and skin care tips that each customer may learn and arm themselves with before making a purchase decision. Since then, the process of beauty restoration is safe and effective.

Similar to Guardian, Hasaki encourages people to order online with NowFree 2h and take advantage of free shipping rules.

As a result, Hasaki will provide free delivery to customers within two hours of receiving orders of 90,000 VND in 29 provinces and cities where the company has locations, including on Saturday and Sunday. Customers will benefit from free national shipping on orders that are at least 249,000 VND.

Therefore, Hasaki has sparked a “green craze” among many beauty fans and is now gradually competing with the country’s top cosmetics brands thanks to its quick recognition of market trends and broad perspective with an efficient marketing mix strategy.

It is clear that the growth of the furniture market has been hastened by the speed at which eCommerce is developing.

Today, numerous local and international cosmetics companies participate in and offer the greatest shopping experiences to customers through the effective implementation of an eCommerce website, including Kylie Cosmetics (USA), Guardian, and Hasaki (Vietnam).

From there, companies may quickly connect with a wider pool of Internet users and generate conversions through efficient marketing strategies.

However, business leaders need to carefully and comprehensively take into account the growing customer expectations and rapidly shifting market trends, not to mention specifically describe a systematic and precise business strategy for taking the most advantageous actions in the short and long term.

Completing that difficult task will take a lot of time and resources. As a result, many cosmetics companies opt for a more straightforward approach to the issue, enlisting the assistance of a highly qualified and dependable unit.

SECOMM has many years of expertise in effectively executing eCommerce for numerous customers in various countries. We specialize in offering free consultation services with qualified eCommerce implementation solutions.

Contact us right away for free counsel and assistance.

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