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What Opportunities Are Open To The Jewelry eCommerce?

The jewelry eCommerce sector is a promising market experiencing swift growth. According to statistics, the global eCommerce jewelry market is currently valued at about 57.4 billion USD and is anticipated to reach approximately 117 billion USD by 2027.

What Opportunities Are Open To The Jewelry eCommerce?
Source: Statista

What is Jewelry eCommerce?

Jewelry eCommerce involves selling various jewelry items, including necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, gemstones, and other pieces, conducted through online channels. 

This type of eCommerce involves the purchase and sale of jewelry products through websites, applications, or online marketplaces.

What Opportunities Are Open To The Jewelry eCommerce?
Jewelry industry in eCommerce

Opportunities for the jewelry eCommerce

Jewelry eCommerce is increasingly thriving, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a report from the Vietnam eCommerce Association (VECOM), the Vietnamese jewelry eCommerce market is estimated to reach 10 trillion VND in 2022, showing a growth of 25% compared to 2021.

Several factors are driving the potential of jewelry eCommerce, including:

What Opportunities Are Open To The Jewelry eCommerce?
Opportunities for the growth of jewelry eCommerce

Growth in the Middle-Class Segment

According to the World Bank report, the middle class in Vietnam is steadily increasing, from 13% of the population in 2016 to 26% in 2026. It is expected that the middle class in Vietnam will continue to grow in the coming years.

On a global scale, according to the McKinsey Global Institute report, the global middle class is projected to increase from 1.8 billion people in 2020 to 4.9 billion people in 2030. This growth will generate significant demand for premium products and services, including jewelry and gemstones.

Surge in Online Shopping Channels

According to Metric report, as of June 2023, Vietnam has over 100,000 eCommerce websites, a 20% increase compared to 2022. The most popular product categories on Vietnam’s online marketplaces include fashion, home appliances, electronics, and jewelry.

On the international market, according to Statista’s report, as of June 2023, there are over 280 million active eCommerce websites worldwide.

The growth of online shopping channels, specifically individual eCommerce websites, has created many opportunities for jewelry eCommerce businesses to reach a larger audience, including customers in distant regions away from the main stores.

Advancements in Technology 

The advancement of technology is one of the crucial factors driving the potential of jewelry eCommerce. When integrating innovative technologies like VR/AR, and AI into your jewelry website will enrich the online shopping experience, making it more engaging and appealing to customers. 

  • Using VR/AR: To create a shopping experience similar to traditional stores, making it easy for customers to choose and shop for jewelry online. 
  • Using AI: To develop algorithms to recommend jewelry products tailored to customer’s preferences and needs.
  • Using chatbot: For enhancing 24/7 customer service, helping staff address customers’ inquiries or issues effectively.

Challenges of Jewelry eCommerce

Alongside the opportunities, jewelry brands still have to confront the challenges of the market

What Opportunities Are Open To The Jewelry eCommerce?
Challenges of the jewelry eCommerce industry

Market Saturation

The jewelry industry faces intense competition, with numerous businesses, both large and small, vying for market share. This requires jewelry brands to exert efforts to compete in terms of pricing, product quality, and the services they provide on their eCommerce website.

Counterfeit Risks

Counterfeit goods are often made from low-quality materials and are significantly cheaper than genuine products. This poses a significant challenge for the online jewelry market, as consumers struggle to differentiate between authentic and fake items, leading to adverse effects on jewelry brands.

Market Trend Shifts

Market trends are always changing, particularly in the jewelry eCommerce industry. It requires you to stay constantly updated to cater to evolving customer demands.

When purchasing jewelry products, customers desire an online shopping experience similar to in-store shopping. Because they want to view products directly, read reviews from other customers, and receive guidance from sales staff.

Jewelry brands deploying successful eCommerce

Tiffany & Co. (USA)

Tiffany & Co. is a premium jewelry brand headquartered in New York, USA, established in 1837 by master jeweler Charles Lewis Tiffany. The company embraced eCommerce early on and has become one of the largest online jewelry retailers globally.

What Opportunities Are Open To The Jewelry eCommerce?
Tiffany & Co. (USA)

Tiffany & Co.’s eCommerce website is built on the Adobe Enterprise Cloud platform, enabling the business to provide flexibility and scalability to meet customization needs and long-term development goals.

Leveraging resources from the leading Adobe Commerce eCommerce platform, the business has utilized Adobe Experience Platform Launch, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service, and more to deliver customized and personalized services for its customers.

Pandora (Denmark)

Pandora is a retail jewelry brand established in 1982 by Per Enevoldsen in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand is known for customizable bracelets and other specially designed jewelry lines.

What Opportunities Are Open To The Jewelry eCommerce?
Pandora (Denmark)

Pandora’s eCommerce website for the US and UK markets is built on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, while the Vietnamese market utilizes Haravan. Therefore, the US and UK versions will have more specialized features such as wishlists, quick view, product comparison, loyalty programs, etc.

PNJ (Vietnam)

PNJ, or Phu Nhuan Jewelry, is a reputable jewelry brand with a long history and a widespread network of stores across Vietnam. Founded in 1988 in Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

What Opportunities Are Open To The Jewelry eCommerce?
PNJ (Vietnam)

Initially, PNJ’s eCommerce website was built on the CS-Cart platform. As it grew, PNJ re-platform to WooCommerce to design its eCommerce website. This move benefits the PNJ website with many amazing features, including diverse payment method integration, product size customization, store location search based on province/city and district, and the flexibility of choosing between home delivery and in-store pickup.

The Bottom Line

In general, jewelry brands face numerous challenges and opportunities to make strides in the eCommerce landscape. Achieving success in this industry requires innovation, responsiveness to customer demands, and staying abreast of the latest technological trends.

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Understanding both the opportunities and challenges when deploying jewelry eCommerce websites, SECOMM has a team of experts and a wide range of solutions to help you make it a reality. 

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10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide

Jewelry eCommerce is a significant playground for many players. Exquisite jewelry pieces made from gemstones, gold, and silver are brought closer to consumers through eCommerce websites. 

Brands worldwide, including those in Vietnam, not only strive to introduce a series of creatively innovative collections but also emphasize providing a better online shopping experience for customers.

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Let’s explore the allure of the jewelry world through the list of the 10 most notable jewelry eCommerce websites in Vietnam and around the world.


With a history spanning over a century, Cartier has firmly established itself as a symbol of luxury and sophistication in the jewelry market.

Renowned for its exquisite and unique jewelry creations made from the finest gemstones and precious metals, including gold and silver, Cartier goes beyond merely producing and selling products.

The brand also offers services such as care, repairs, and gift packaging.

10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide - Cartier
10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide: Cartier

Cartier’s eCommerce website is meticulously crafted on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a leading open-source platform for eCommerce development. This choice ensures that the online shopping experience on Cartier’s platform is optimized to reflect the brand’s spirit and values.

10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide
Cartier website feature

The website design embraces a minimalist approach and incorporates various features such as AR, allowing customers to examine products from different angles visually. Additionally, it features an intelligent search system that provides accurate results even if customers make typing errors and allows for checking product availability at any store.

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. stands as a premier and globally renowned jewelry brand. Its product range includes exquisite jewelry items such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and watches, crafted from precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum, along with precious gemstones such as diamonds, pearls, and green beryl.

10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide - Tiffany & Co.
10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide: Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.’s eCommerce website is built on the Adobe Commerce platform. offers flexibility and scalability to meet custom needs and long-term development goals. Similar to Cartier, Tiffany also provides customers with various services, including product selection advice and product care.

Notably, Tiffany’s website includes an outstanding store locator feature based on the radius, enabling customers to easily identify the nearest stores based on city, zip code, and offered services, facilitating a seamless shopping experience.

  • Website:
  • Platform: Adobe Commerce
  • Traffic: 3.9M/month
  • Ranking: 3,859 (USA) & 15,330 (Worldwide)


With over 30 years of reputation in the crafting and selling of high-end jewelry, PNJ is one of the most renowned jewelry and diamond brands in Vietnam.

PNJ offers customers a diverse and extensive selection of jewelry, catering to every need and aesthetic preference, from wedding jewelry, feng shui jewelry, diamond jewelry, colored stone jewelry, and Italian gold jewelry, to Disney and STYLE by PNJ jewelry.

10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide - PNJ
10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide: PNJ

PNJ’s eCommerce website is built using the PHP programming language, a popular and effective language for developing web applications. The website features a user-friendly interface, allowing customers to quickly and conveniently view, search, compare, and purchase jewelry products.

The website also includes several notable features, such as integrated diverse payment methods, product size selection, store search by province/city and district, and options for home delivery or in-store pickup.

  • Website:
  • Platform: WooCommerce
  • Traffic: 1.5M/month
  • Ranking: 609 (Vietnam) & 31,342 (Worldwide)


Originating from New York, USA, ANA LUISA is a prominent jewelry brand with a vision of enhancing life through unique and luxurious jewelry pieces. ANA LUISA selects premium materials such as 14k gold, 925 sterling silver, lab-grown diamonds, and cultured pearls to create diverse collections suitable for every style and personality.

10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide - ANA LUISA
10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide: ANA LUISA

The eCommerce website of ANA LUISA is built and developed on the Shopify SaaS platform. The website features a simple and elegant design with a white color scheme, fitting seamlessly into the accessory and jewelry industry. ANA LUISA focuses on enhancing features to provide the best online shopping experience for customers.

Features include order tracking by order number and zip code, quick product view, pre-ordering with notifications upon availability, product recommendations based on viewing history, and displaying the number of products sold within the last 24 hours.


Missoma is a jewelry brand hailing from London, UK, specializing in gold and silver recycled jewelry with modern, refined, and distinctive designs. The brand features several standout jewelry collections, including Lucy Williams, Harris Reed, Savi, Zenyu, Molten, and many more.

10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide- Missoma
10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide – Missoma

The eCommerce website design of Missoma reflects the inherent sophistication and minimalism of the jewelry industry. The website is built and developed using Shopify, facilitating easy integration with a variety of third-party applications to enhance the customer shopping experience with richness and quality.

Some notable features of Missoma include the integration of diverse payment methods, including Buy Now Pay Later with Klarna; an automatic multi-currency conversion feature based on the user’s IP; product filtering based on material and size; and the incorporation of the loyalty program “The Rewards Stack” for loyal customers.


Founded by Michael Saiger in 2008, Miansai is a leading American jewelry brand. Miansai specializes in creating simple, elegant, and unique designs for both men’s and women’s jewelry, using carefully selected and handcrafted raw materials. The brand offers various jewelry collections, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, keychains, and many other accessories.

10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide - Miansai
10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide: Miansai

Miansai also utilizes the Shopify platform to build its eCommerce website, incorporating industry-specific features such as product size selection, product and collection filtering and searching, automatic currency conversion based on the user’s IP, search suggestions, and integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  

  • Website:
  • Platform: Shopify
  • Traffic: 492.8K/month
  • Ranking:  25,554 (USA) & 85,542 (Worldwide)


Catbird is a high-end jewelry brand established in 2004 in New York City, USA. The brand is known for its sophisticated and artistic designs. Catbird’s products are crafted from various materials, including gold, silver, gemstones, and more.

10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide - Catbird
10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide: Catbird

The eCommerce platform of the Catbird jewelry website is Magento Open Source, offering exceptional flexibility that allows the brand to build a range of enhanced features for a smooth and enriching shopping experience for customers.

Some notable features on the Catbird eCommerce website include product search and filtering, product size selection, personalized jewelry customization options, and automatic currency conversion based on the user’s IP. 

Notably, the Catbird website includes a “Web Accessibility” feature, allowing customization of website accessibility, including adjusting viewing modes for users, modifying content size and alignment, and changing interface colors.

Huy Thanh Jewelry

Huy Thanh Jewelry is one of the renowned jewelry brands in Vietnam. With a mission to bring beauty and value through each piece of jewelry, the brand has made a mark in the hearts of consumers with its exquisite and unique products, handcrafted from precious gemstones and metals such as gold and silver.

10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide - Huy Thanh Jewelry
10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide: Huy Thanh Jewelry

The Huy Thanh Jewelry eCommerce website is built on the Haravan Enterprise platform, one of the popular eCommerce platforms in Vietnam. Some notable features of the Huy Thanh Jewelry website include product filtering and search, customization of size, material, and color, as well as integration with various social platforms and payment methods.


EROPI is another prominent jewelry brand in Vietnam specializing in distributing various types of gold, silver, jewelry, gemstones, pearls, wedding jewelry, and feng shui jewelry. After many years of operation, the company has expanded its chain of stores nationwide and developed an online sales channel to meet the shopping needs of customers.

10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide - EROPI
10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide: EROPI

EROPI’s primary online channel is its eCommerce website, which has been invested in and built on the Magento Open Source platform. With excellent customization capabilities, this platform allows EROPI to create advanced features and flexible expansion capabilities, ensuring the long-term development goals of the business.

  • Website:
  • Platform: Magento Open Source
  • Traffic: 95.8K/month
  • Ranking: 13,832 (Vietnam) & 602,063 (Worldwide)


STONE AND STRAND is a jewelry brand established in 2013 in the United States. STONE AND STRAND offers a range of jewelry products, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and various other jewelry designs. All products are designed with exquisite craftsmanship and perfect details, reflecting the brand’s creative vision.

10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide - STONE AND STRAND
10 Jewelry eCommerce Websites in Vietnam & Worldwide: STONE AND STRAND

The STONE AND STRAND website is built on the Shopify eCommerce platform, one of the preferred platforms for many jewelry brands worldwide. In addition to an easily filterable and searchable product portfolio, the website also features order tracking via email and integrates multiple payment methods, including Buy Now Pay Later with Affirm.

Start your jewelry eCommerce website today!

Above are 10 amazing jewelry eCommerce websites in Vietnam and worldwide. This is evident that modern jewelry brands are not only focusing on developing their business through traditional retail channels but have rapidly embraced and expanded in the online space.

A well-designed and appealing eCommerce website not only helps these brands connect with a large pool of potential customers but also reflects their professionalism and vision.

With an in-depth understanding of eCommerce and a wealth of experience in successfully developing jewelry website projects, SECOMM will help you enhance your online presence quickly and effectively. 

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Top 10 Outstanding Fashion eCommerce Websites In Vietnam

Fashion eCommerce is growing increasingly influential, particularly in markets with a young population, such as Vietnam, where demand for fashion and lifestyle is diversified.

Recognising this, several fashion brands have begun developing their own eCommerce websites to join this lucrative business swiftly.

1. Coolmate 

Coolmate is a men’s fashion business started in 2019. With a D2C eCommerce strategy as the centre for business development, after only 2 years of implementation, Coolmate had a successful capital call on Sharktank with Nguyen Hoa Binh for 500,000 USD. By 2021, Coolmate’s sales may reach VND 139 billion, an increase of 3.5 times compared to 2020, setting the 2022 revenue expectation at 440 billion.

Top 10 Outstanding Fashion eCommerce Websites In Vietnam - Coolmate
Website interface of Coolmate
  • Fashion field: Menswear
  • Website: 
  • eCommerce platform: Laravel
  • Traffic: 1.5M/month
  • Rating: 854 (Vietnam), 55,047 (Global)
  • Estimated value: $16,781

2. Hải Triều

Hai Trieu, which was founded in 1991, has over 30 years of expertise in the watch industry. To adapt to the changing industry and consumers, Hai Trieu has incorporated an eCommerce strategy into its business model with the objective of becoming a dominant watch retailer in Vietnam. Hai Trieu’s eCommerce website has received over 1 million monthly visits and is ranked among the top sites in the fashion eCommerce industry in Vietnam. (according to iPrice).

Top 10 Outstanding Fashion eCommerce Websites In Vietnam - Hai Trieu
Website interface of Hai Trieu
  • Fashion field: Watches
  • Website: 
  • eCommerce platform: WooCommerce
  • Traffic: 1.1M/month
  • Rating: 807 (Vietnam), 51,641 (Global)
  • Estimated value: $19.016

3. PNJ

The official name of PNJ is Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company, which was founded in 1988. PNJ has spent a long time developing a fashion eCommerce website to apply the omnichannel sales strategy. Because of the early adoption of eCommerce, PNJ has surmounted the tumultuous year of 2021 with net sales of over VND 19,547 billion, an increase of 12% over 2020.

Top 10 Outstanding Fashion eCommerce Websites In Vietnam - PNJ
Website interface of PNJ
  • Fashion field: Jewelry
  • Website: 
  • eCommerce platform: CS Cart
  • Traffic: 926.9K/month
  • Rating: 791 (Vietnam), 49,842 (Global)
  • Estimated value: $21,007

4. Juno 

Founded in 2005, Juno is a brand known for its line of women’s fashion shoes and bags. Juno saw the enormous potential of the e-commerce sector and invested early in technologies to make the online company more efficient. As a result, the eCommerce website of Juno is currently the highest-visited website in the fashion line of shoes and bags in Vietnam.

Juno has usually cultivated the clothes and accessories area to suit its clients’ increasingly broad consumer demands.

Top 10 Outstanding Fashion eCommerce Websites In Vietnam - Juno
Website interface of Juno
  • Fashion field: Womenswear
  • Website: 
  • eCommerce platform: Haravan
  • Traffic: 899.3K/month
  • Rating: 1,242 (Vietnam), 80,279 (Global)
  • Estimated value: $20,688

5. Canifa

Canifa is a family fashion brand established in 1997, under Hoang Duong Service and Trading Joint Stock Company – a large fashion retailer in Vietnam. Canifa has built an eCommerce business with a reputation achieved in traditional fashion since 2012. Because of its long-term and sustainable eCommerce business strategy, this company opted to invest in establishing its own eCommerce website on the open-source platform – Magento and regularly upgrading this system to provide clients with the better eCommerce experience possible.

Top 10 Outstanding Fashion eCommerce Websites In Vietnam - Canifa
Website interface of Canifa
  • Fashion field: Familyswear
  • Website: 
  • eCommerce platform: Magento
  • Traffic: 286.2K/month
  • Rating: 2,537 (Vietnam), 155,488 (Global)
  • Estimated value: $8,383

6. Hoang Phuc International

Hoang Phuc International (Hoang Phuc) was established in 1989 as a luxury fashion retailer of Kappa, Ecko Unltd, Superga, Replay, and Staple. This brand has decided to enter the eCommerce industry after three decades of using traditional strategy.  Hoang Phuc has utilised and changed numerous platforms to create the successful eCommerce website that it is now. This business is currently employing the Magento platform – an open-source platform specialised in eCommerce.

This firm utilizes KOL and Livestream strategies to boost market penetration, besides constantly improving its own eCommerce website for selling apparel online.

Top 10 Outstanding Fashion eCommerce Websites In Vietnam - Hoang Phuc
Website interface of Hoang Phuc
  • Fashion field: Retail of luxury products
  • Website: 
  • eCommerce platform: Magento
  • Traffic: 258.0K/month
  • Rating: 2,338 (Vietnam), 144,530 (Global)
  • Estimated value: $19,895

7. Biti’s

Bitis began as a small factory in 1982 and has grown to become the market’s top shoe and footwear brand. However, when user behaviour changes and new “players” enter the market, this business appears to fall behind. After a long period of lagging, Biti’s new CEO, Vuu Le Quyen – the eldest daughter of Mr. Vu Khai Thanh – chose to change strategy, focusing on investing in eCommerce business model to accelerate and catching up with the market.

Bitis’s has made a dramatic recovery due to this new strategy, vying directly with worldwide brands such as Nike, and Adidas in the Vietnamese market after a number of years of losing market share.

Top 10 Outstanding Fashion eCommerce Websites In Vietnam - Bitis
Website interface of Bitis
  • Fashion field: Footwear
  • Website: 
  • eCommerce platform: Haravan
  • Traffic: 206.6K/month
  • Rating: 2,549 (Vietnam), 149,642 (Global)
  • Estimated value: $8,966

8. Orchard

Orchard, which was founded in 2004, is a supplier of more than 200 luxury perfume brands from across the world. Orchard has implemented eCommerce promptly to tap the “gold mine” of this industry and become the No. 1 perfume retail brand in Vietnam. Orchard’s eCommerce website is now the favorite destination for customers who want to buy perfume online.

Top 10 Outstanding Fashion eCommerce Websites In Vietnam - Orchard
Website interface of Orchard
  • Fashion field: Perfume
  • Website: 
  • eCommerce platform: WooCoomerce
  • Traffic: 134.8K/month
  • Rating: 6,800 (Vietnam), 372,708 (Global)
  • Estimated value: $4,437


ONOFF was established in 2005 with the goal of providing daily comfort to everyone. ONOFF has advocated for adopting an eCommerce strategy by investing in building Magento websites like Canifa in 2016. As a result, the brand is gradually synchronizing on online and offline channels, with a customer loyalty rate of 80% maintained at all times, allowing ONOFF to more firmly believe in its goal of becoming the leading lingerie brand in Vietnam and a chance to conquering the ASEAN market in the next three years.

Top 10 Outstanding Fashion eCommerce Websites In Vietnam - OnOff
Website interface of OnOff
  • Fashion field: Lingerie
  • Website: 
  • eCommerce platform: Magento
  • Traffic: 79.5K/month
  • Rating: 10,061 (Vietnam), 518,911 (Global)
  • Estimated value: $9,289

10. Rabity

Rabity is a children’s fashion brand that was launched in 2000. Currently, Rabity is the sole Disney and Marvel partner with image rights for children’s fashion lines ranging from 0 to 14 years old. Rabity is pleased to have been the pioneer in deploying the first eCommerce for children’s fashion in Vietnam. Rabity is now present on all eCommerce channels and has its own eCommerce website.

Top 10 Outstanding Fashion eCommerce Websites In Vietnam - Rabity
Website interface of Rabity
  • Fashion field: Childrenswear
  • Website: 
  • eCommerce platform: Haravan
  • Traffic: 12.3K/month
  • Rating: 43,904 (Vietnam), 1,972,408 (Global)
  • Estimated value: $15,335

Overall, fashion businesses are achieving several successes after developing their own eCommerce websites. However, the fashion eCommerce industry needs careful consideration of tactics to take the most successful actions in the short term and in the long run. Of course, to do that challenging task, fashion companies must find a well-known or build skilled IT team.


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