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5 Prestigious Magento Development Companies in Vietnam

The vast and competitive eCommerce sector is witnessing the constant entry of all-sized businesses, making it challenging for many “nascent” companies to prosper in a billion-dollar market that is seen as the domain of technology giants.

Therefore, creating a professional eCommerce website is a crucial objective for new enterprises looking to take the first steps firmly, quickly dominate the market, and follow the success of the big guys.

As a result, Magento is one of the best options to consider when establishing an eCommerce website to ensure that the process is carried out successfully. It can be difficult to find a partner with strong IT skills and Magento platform development experience.

The list below details the top 5 leading Magento development companies in Vietnam that businesses can refer to make the best choice.

Kyanon Digital

One of the leading consulting companies providing solutions to develop eCommerce websites with the Magento platform and Omnichannel (Omnichannel) is Kyanon Digital. through many years of operation steadily established itself as a trustworthy technology partner of many major retail groups in the Asia-Pacific region thanks to its team of qualified experts.

5 Prestigious Magento Development Companies In Vietnam
Kyanon Digital

Magenest JSC

Magenest is a longtime technology solutions partner based in Vietnam and a leading partner of Adobe Magento, Odoo ERP, Salesforce, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

The company specializes in providing comprehensive hosting services and eCommerce implementation and providing package solutions in line with market trends to promote the business activities of partner businesses.

Magenest strives to support brands in achieving their goals of developing eCommerce websites with Magento. Magenest has a solid technical and consulting experience from over 30 certified consultants and developers.

5 Prestigious Magento Development Companies In Vietnam

BSS Commerce

BSS Commerce is an Adobe Solution Partner that provides proper Magento-related eCommerce solutions to businesses throughout the world.

The business has serviced more than 22,000 customers worldwide since its foundation in 2012, accomplished more than 500 projects, and earned the greatest level of customer satisfaction.

5 Prestigious Magento Development Companies In Vietnam
BSS Commerce


​​SECOMM is another well-known eCommerce website developer in Vietnam that is well-regarded by customers for the excellence of its work and service.

This business specializes in eCommerce consulting and offers a wide range of services, including site development, maintenance, and upgrades on platforms including Magento.

Since its establishment in 2014, SECOMM has worked with major local and foreign clients like LayByLand, Trentham Estate, An Nam Group, and others to implement eCommerce websites on the Magento platform effectively.

By simplifying all eCommerce activities, SECOMM is confident to be a reliable companion in the comprehensive digital transformation journey of businesses in Vietnam and globally.

5 Prestigious Magento Development Companies In Vietnam


AgileTech is a top software outsourcing company in Vietnam that has a team of experienced Magento developers who specialise in creating and maintaining high-performance E-Commerce websites.

The company is constantly up-to-date on the latest Magento features and developments, and they use this knowledge to create websites that are scalable, secure, and user-friendly during their 8-year establishment. AgileTech is committed to providing clients with the best possible Magento development experience.

5 Prestigious Magento Development Companies in Vietnam - AgileTech

It is evident that eCommerce implementation offers businesses many advantages for entering and dominating the industry. The top 5 support firms for creating and developing eCommerce websites on the Magento platform that companies can rely on are listed above.

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Clutch Acknowledges SECOMM as a Top 2022 E-Commerce Developer in Vietnam

SECOMM is a trusted provider of full-service ecommerce solutions. Founded in 2014, we’ve been helping growing brands, and renowned companies get a steady foothold in the ecommerce space.

We enable our partners to overcome any challenges brought by the evolving digital age through expertise and innovation.

Today, we’re honored to announce that we’re among the top B2B companies on Clutch in Vietnam. The ratings and reviews platform’s 2022 research states that we’re one of the leading ecommerce development companies in Vietnam this year.

Clutch Acknowledges SECOMM as a Top 2022 E-Commerce Developer in Vietnam
Clutch Acknowledges SECOMM as a Top 2022 Ecommerce Developer in Vietnam

Clutch Acknowledges SECOMM as a Top 2022 Ecommerce Developer in Vietnam

For context, Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform committed to helping small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses connect with capable service providers. Clutch serves as a valuable resource to businesses when it comes to market research. The platform guarantees unbiased information by interviewing clients of registered vendors directly.

Take a look at some of the 5-star ratings we’ve recently acquired:

“The professionalism of the company is second to none! They are extremely responsive, and their communication is concise and informative.”

— Rick Thurlow, Senior Business Manager, Jasnor (Australia)

Jasnor-Clutch Acknowledges SECOMM as a Top 2022 E-Commerce Developer in Vietnam
“They are extremely responsive, and their communication is concise and informative.” – Senior Business Manager, Jasnor (Australia)

“I think the best thing about working with SECOMM is how quickly they can respond to a change you would like them to implement or to fix an error that you identify.

Even when it came to us changing things on this project that weren’t in the original scope, they would talk that change through with us to identify the best way of handling it, and then implement that change in a timely manner.”

— Stuart Duff, Founder & CEO, Laybyland Pty Ltd

Laybyland-Clutch Acknowledges SECOMM as a Top 2022 E-Commerce Developer in Vietnam
“Any concerns that we raised throughout the journey were addressed in a timely manner.”-Founder & CEO, Laybyland Pty Ltd

We would like to thank our partners who took the time and effort to write their descriptive, helpful feedback about our work. Don’t forget to check out the full case studies on our Clutch profile.

For inquiries about our full-service ecommerce development, please get in touch with us today!

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SECOMM company trip
In the ending stage of all projects, SECOMM do appreciate our Secommers with their every single contribution. 2019 has officially ended in the vibes of “WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER”, also finished with a memorable trip to Phu Yen.
company trip
The breakfast was fully loaded. Let’s go!


Said hello to Phu Yen at 7:30 a.m; we had gorgeous moments to enjoy the crisp, fresh air at the railway station, then followed the way leading to Mang Lang Church. The church stayed about 30km far from Tuy Hoa City to the north, was a Roman catholic construction built-in 1892 with two bells at the peak and the cross in the middle. Classic scenery created a fantastic background in many photos of us.

Mang Lang church
Mang Lang church owns a picturesque shape

We continued moving to Da Dia Reef (or Ganh Da Dia in Vietnamese) on the same route. Everybody needed to walk along a small path from the entrance gate to see the basalt rock area.

Da Dia Reef
Way to the basalt rock area! The sky was windy at that time

As the Phu Yen natives, rock structure seemed like a giant beehive with stacking pillars from various shape-rocks, from circular looks to polygonal appearances.

Basalt rock
The sea was waving us. So sexy!
Da Dia Reef
The surface is quite slippery; you should be careful on the go
Toi Thay Hoa Vang Tren Co Xanh - Film studio
There was a long beach in front with blue sea and massive waves

In the next stopping-place, all the Secommers chose to walk together at the famous coastal land that appeared in the film “Yellow flowers on the green grass”.For ending the day-one-journey, we went to Nhan Tower in the evening. There was no particular expectation for that place, but its beauty truly caught our eyes. The tower looked mystic and fanciful under the warm light by night and was shining in the middle of the high land.

Nhan Tower
Nhan Tower is the symbol and worship of Cham people

We went back to the hotel then joined an exciting SECOMM game show. It was a puzzle game for the three teams. However, what made it challenging to play was that the topic focused on everyday work and other areas of life.The atmosphere was getting more intense towards the end, and the winner finally came out to gain the worthy prize. Above all, the award could not be as crucial as the memorable moments we spent together.

SECOMM game show
Congratulations to the luckiest team on winning the prize!


On the second day, we spent the whole morning discovering the easternmost of Vietnam – Dai Lanh Cape. Walking on a small path leading to the Cape with lots of stairs, we also caught Mon Beach’s view. It was a small beach surrounded by mountains, white sand, and clear water. What a picturesque view!

On the path to Dai Lanh Cape
The path to Dai Lanh Cape was a little bit far. Instead, we spent time capturing the stunning view of Mon beach (Bai Mon) on the other side
Dai Lanh Cape
Finally, we set foot on Dai Lanh Cape
Secommers at Dai Lanh Cape
…so, let’s capture that lovely memory!
Secommers and the easternmost of Vietnam
…and that one!

It was then lunchtime. We continued to drive to the eco-floating rafts at Vung Ro Bay to eat all kinds of seafood.

eco-floating rafts at Vung Ro Bay
The woody entrance leading to the raft

We traveled around the city at night and bought some souvenirs, then took time to relax and prepare for the flight back to Sai Gon the next morning.

Goodbye, Phu Yen, SECOMM will be back!

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